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Our Product Uses

One Device. Multiple Areas of Use.

Our products offer unprecedented benefits to the user.
These products range from handheld and pen-sized visible spectrometers especially applicable for colour measurement to mobile infrared handheld devices for detection and analysis of substances on a molecular scale.


Cosmetics, Healthcare and Beauty industry

Want to find out how to apply spectrometer solutions to areas related to skin care and hair care? We can cover applications ranging from measuring skin and hair colour to detecting a number of health parameters and metrics related to skin type or level of hair damage....


Defence, Security and Forensics

Interested in handheld spectrometers for real-time detection of explosives, drugs or blood stains? Current infrared spectrometer solutions in the market are far too bulky and expensive. Our revolutionary FTIR architecture allows us to build rugged, cost-effective and real-time sensing “on the fly”, tailored to your application....


Environmental Sensing

Looking for a technology to measure quality of air, water or substances relevant to your environmental studies? Exploiting the full potential of visible and NIR spectroscopy, we can develop solutions for a plethora of applications ranging from real-time measurement of air pollution or sensing the purity of water to determining the health of crops or plants based on chlorophyll content....


Food Quality Control

Want to find out how to use spectrometers to assess the quality and freshness of food? The deployment of visible and IR spectroscopy has proven a viable and promising method for determining food freshness or identifying unwanted compounds or ingredients in any food product. Approach us to identify the right solution for your very own application area related to quality control of food or beverage....


In-line Process and Quality Control

Does your production process require automated in-line process control, such as real-time detection of colours, substances or variations in thin-film deposition (down to nanometer level)? Let us find out how we can increase your productivity by avoiding off-line sampling and integrating smart spectrometric sensors into your supply chain or manufacturing line....


Non-Invasive Medical Diagnostics

Require visible or infrared technology for non-destructive, non-invasive medical diagnostics? The analysis of non-destructive light is a prevalent approach in the medical diagnostics area. From miniature spectrometer modules for endoscopes to easy-to-use handhelds for applications related to skin analysis, we can develop the right solution for your specification requirements, and budget....


Online Gas Detection and Gas Sensing

Are you in need of detecting and measuring gases in real-time and down to ppm level? Using our state-of-the-art FTIR technology, we can now build small, ultra-fast and cost-effective gas sensors for any industry and application environment. These sensors can be handhelds or modules to be incorporated into your own gas detection systems....